Church of the Incarnation
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Great Falls, Montana
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Andy's Bunch

Saint Andrew's Guild (whimsically called "Andy's Bunch) is a fellowship organization at the Church of the Incarnation for men who have common interests and aims regarding our church.
The guild is named after St. Andrew, the first of the twelve Apostles named in the Gospel according to St. John and the brother of Simon Peter. They were fishermen. Saint Andrew was also a disciple of John the Baptist prior to being called by Jesus. Additionally, he was one of the Apostles who helped Our Lord Jesus Christ with the feeding of the 5000 on the shores of Galilee. He was crucified on a Saltire (x-shaped) cross and he is said to have preached for two days from it.
Following King Robert Bruce’s victory at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 (Robert Bruce declared himself to be King of Scotland in 1306), the Declaration of Arbroath officially named St. Andrew as the patron saint of Scotland. And the Saltire became the national flag of Scotland in 1385. The Saltire is also part of the Episcopal Church’s Flag (upper left-hand corner).
Our main meeting is a breakfast where we meet for fellowship, fun, and discussion of subjects of interest to the men of the church. It currently takes place the second Saturday of each month (year-round) at Perkins Restaurant.
We welcome all men who share or are interested in our Anglican Episcopal faith, including our young men (youth). Come one, Come all! Our aim is to get to know each other and to have FUN! Do you ever feel lost on Saturday morning? Saint Andrew is also the patron Saint of things lost. Try him out. We think you’ll find the time spent rewarding.